Bigger Cloud & Better Flavor

With high quality as the goal, this super flat black label product is a good choice to fans who love super flat wire. Over 3 months later after heavy R & D with one of the largest resistance wire manufacturer in France, we've created Super Flat Black Label product, a proprietary clean prebuilt nichrome 80 wire, to enhance clouds and flavor. 

• Specifications: 
- Prebuilt material: nichrome 80 resistance wire, cr20ni80 
- Temperatures up to: 1350°C / 2462°F 
- Shape: Flat 
- Ohm: 0.22 
• - Wraps: 6 

Package Contents: 
- 20 x Super Flat coils

- This product is intended to be used as a resistor in DIY electronics or for craft wire projects.
- This product is not intended to be used with prohibited or illegal products. 

BlackLabel Super Flat Prebuilt Coil 20 Piece Pack of 6