We all know about the temperature control but the operation of the temperature control mode is really complicated.Through most of vapors have the temperatur control device, they give up the temperatur control function because of inconvenience. Today we make a test of the SS316L vape wire leading you to the new area of temperatur control, feel the big smoke.


First of all we would like to let you know about the SS316L heating wire. These wire were made by 316L stainless steel. It is stable, fast heating, and the resistance coefficient is stable. SS 316 L heating wire pressure regulator can be temperature-controlled.

SS 316 heating wire is not easy to break, easy to recover after bending (A1 wire bending will leave folded, to restore the original shape of a certain degree of difficulty), its hardness than the traditional A1 wire softer, more malleable. We using 22G (0.6 wire) specifications, the degree of softness and A1 26G (0.4 wire) comparable. Therefore, the players are more convenient for the modeling and fixing of the coil, and there is no need to worry about how the Handicap can operate in terms of operation.

In the regulator mode, rhino SS 316 heating wire can be easily lit, we can see the wire heating rate is good.

Second temperature control is actually the host chip by measuring the resistance coefficient of the heating wire changes, calculated on the heating wire to obtain the theoretical temperature, and then the coil discharge, so as to achieve a constant temperature. Therefore, the temperature control mode to the nebulizer "lock" This is actually the chip to get the resistance of the coil reference value. Now understand the principle, the operation will not be confused.

Although the SS 316 heating wire can also use the pressure regulator, but we do not recommended for its dry burning, because the 316 heating wire after burning red, silk resistance coefficient has changed, resulting in temperature control is not allowed, it is generally recommended Loose around. Of course, insist on burning silk is also possible, but try not to use too much power, but do not let the heating wire burn red.


Press the vape

key, without adjusting the heating curve, the phenomenon of more significant frying oil. Although there is no smog smoke under the pressure mode, but as the temperature remained at about 240 ℃, the smoke does not all evaporated at once, so children do not have to worry about cotton dry, because there is no oil, then the coil temperature Will instantly rise, the host temperature change is too large to judge no nebulizer in the nebulizer, thus stopping the discharge. Therefore, temperature control of large smog can also be to some extent, to avoid forgetting to add cigarette butts caused by the situation of the paste. The picture above shows that 240 ° C lung suction up to 10 seconds, no feeling of overheating in the mouth, because the temperature is constant within the set range, the evaporation rate of the oil is constant, so the taste will not be too rich and fuzzy smoke, The reduction and hierarchy are more clear. to sum up: 1. Vape wire is soft, strong plasticity, easy for rolling; Can be regulated the temperature can be controlled; 3 heating fast; 4. The smell of vape juice reduction is good; 5. Carbon deposition could effect your favor;

Heating wire material updates make the player have more fun,

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