Nichrome 80 Vape Coils VS Kanthal A1 Vape Coils

November 17, 2017


The expensive accessories of vape goods become much cheaper now a day. Nichrome 80 vape coils heated the wire much more faster so what is the difference between Nichrome 80 and Kanthal A1? Is it a essential items when you vaping?




We all know that the heating wire or coils is an indispensable element of electronic cigarettes. Any mods need wire or coils. Vapors tend to use different specifications of the heating wire to get better flavor and bigger cloud. Normal Kanthal A1 coils can not satisfied vapors, at this time vapors will try Nichrome 80 coils or wire.



Nichrome 80 Coils:   28GA     3.0mm diameter        6 wraps        0.08Ω

Kanthal A1 Coils:       28GA     3.0mm diameter        6 wraps        0.16Ω

We use same wire, the resistance of the Nichrome 80 is twice as small as that of the Kanthatl A1. If you need to achieve the same output voltage, low resistance Nichrome wire needs greater output, the heat will be much large than the Kanthal A1. Therefore Nichrome 80 wire will bring a very large amount of smoke or cloud.


Before we use Nichrome 80 coils, in order to increase the amount of smoke, we have to control the Kanthal A1 wire into a relatively small range. The length of the heating wire become shorter and lower resistance. The power could be higher in order to get maximum amount of smoke.



Low resistance, high heating completely changed our vape. Vapors do not have to deep breathe to get smoke, just a gently breathe to get bigger smoke.

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