Vape Coil Types

November 19, 2017

Most vaper’s first prebuilt coil is Clapton which can provide you more smoke and better flavor. Lots of the RDA brands also suggest Clapton as their best recommended coils to meet the atomizer for a better experience.

This new type of prebuilt coils perfectly embodies the art of heating wire. The shape is complicated and beautiful. So many vapor are obsessed with their own handmade vape coils. Let me introduce you some kind of vape coils today.


  1. AK Vape Coil

Kernel 3-4 26GAWrapped 2 36GA

The shape is beautiful and the structure is stable. It can give you better flavor, heating resistance rate – B.

But the coil is very wide, it could not be fitted to all RDA or RTA.

Many vapor like this, 0.2 ohm, best use for mod like Rogue.



2. Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coil 



Kernel 2 26GA+1 flat wire Wrapped 36GA

This coil can give you a lot of smoke heating resistance rate-C.

Ohm is 0.2, coils is wide, it could not be fitted to all RDA or RTA.


3.Invincible Coil


Kernel 3 28GA Wrapped 32GA

Ohm is 0.25, shape is wide, can provide lot of smoke and better flavor.


4.Alien Clapton Coil Kanthal/Nichrome



Kernel 3 26GA Wrapped 32GA


This Alien Clapton Coil is wrapped in s-shape wire 0.3 ohm, good flavor can be



Alien Clapton Coil is highly recommended by vapers.


5.2-Alien Clapton Coil Kanthal/Nichrome



Kernel 3 26GA Wrapped 32GA


To get better flavor and much more smoke, the s-shape wrapped is much more closed which mean we have to use more wires on the coil.


Ohm of this coils is 0.12 not recommended for 2 coils on the RDA.

Could be fitted to most of the RDA or RTA.


6.3-Alien Clapton Coil

Kernel 3 26GA Wrapped 32GA

Compare to 2-Alien Clapton Coil, the wraps is much more loose to get a 0.25 ohm.


The feature is durable, could be quenched many times.


7.Alien Ribbon Clapton Coil


Kernel Flat Wire Wraps 36GA



Ohm is 0.2, provide more smoke but not featured on flavor.


8.Super Alien Clapton Coil


Kernel Flat + Clapton Wrapped s-shape 34GA


5 wraps, better size, 0.25 ohm, could be fitted to most of the RDA or RTA.

Heating resistance rate-A, lot of smoke and better flavor.

I really like this coil


If you are interested to this blog, give me some review and I will continue doing this for you guys.


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