Vape Coils III

Today I will introduce another 9 different prebuilt coils to you guys.

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1.Staggered Fused Clapton Coil

The staggered fused clapton is a kind of Variant of clapton coil.

Kernel is 26GA*2 Wrapped fused 32GA

Width is good for most RDA, wraps is 5, ohm is 0.4.

You can get better flavor from this vape coil.

2.Super Clapton Coil

The super clapton coil's wrapped is 32GA+flat wire.

Kernel 26GA Wrapped 32GA+ flat wire.

To get more heating area, we wrapped the flat wire on normal clapton coil.

The ohm of super clapton coil is 0.8, wraps is 6, could be installed on most RDA.

3. Hive Coil

Kernal 26GA*2 Wrapped N/A

The hive coil can heat very fast and the heating area is large but I don't like the flavor of this coil.

4. Mix Twisted Coil

A round wire with a flat wire together twisted is the mix twisted coil.

You can get good balance of the smoke volume and flavar of mix twisted.

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5. Staircase Coil

The sturcture of staircase coils is very like clapton coil but we wrapped a flat wire.

This coil is very wide, can not be installed on some RDA.

Ohm of this coil is 0.2, if you use double coil head, most mod can not support.

6.Thunder Coil

The thunder coil is a mixed coil with clapton and wire.

I really like this coil since its really beautiful, ohm is 0.25, I can taste good flavor from this coil.

7. Staggered Coil

This coil is really like clapton coil but we use 24GA wire for the kernal and 32GA for the wrapped.

Wraps is 5 and ohm is 0.3. Since the heat area is very large, you can get really big smoke from this coil and the flavor is really good.

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That's all about most famous vape coils on the market.

AKATTAK team will work hard to provide more better coils for vapers.

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