Vape Coils Types II

In the last article, I have introduced 8 types of vape coils for you guys.

Today I would like to introduce another 8 types of vape coils as below.

1. Nuclear Warhead Coil


Kernel 3 26GA Wrapped 2 flat wire.

This shape is built for large smoke which can providing you a lot of smoke. The flavor is normal.

Wraps number of this prebuilt coil is 6, width is good, ohm is 0.2. A really beautiful coil.

2. Juggernaut Coil

Kernal 28GA+32GA *2 Wrapped 0.1*0.5 flat wire.

The structure also determines the taste and smoke of this wire are more prominent.

Wraps number of this prebuilt coil is 6, any RDA in 22mm can use this. Ohm is 0.45, could be installed 2 coils.

3. Super juggernaut Coil

Kernal 28GA+32GA *2 Wrapped 0.1*0.5 flat wire.

This coil is the 2nd version of juggernaut coil. High density of the wrapped wire.

The heating area is more large which can providing more heat. The flavor and smoke volume is medium. I like juggernaut coil much more.

Wraps 6 and ohm is 0.6.

4. Clapton Coil

Most vapers are satisfied with Clapton coil, the biggest features are simple, easy to make, large amount of smoke and good taste, and many vapers make their own Clapton coils.

The Clapton coil has a variety of different types, such as 32GA+26GA,32GA+24GA. Strictly speaking, a good Clapton should be regarded as a prebuilt coil. It is the basis for all prebuilt coils.

AKATTAK provide 0.4 ohm Clapton and 0.8 ohm Clapton made by Kanthal A1 wire. You can buy it with this link https://www.akattak.com/vape-coils-kanthal-a1.

6. Clapton Twisted Coil

Kernel 26GA*2 Wrapped 32GA

Like the flat Clapton twisted coil before, Clapton twisted was twisted. It also named fused Clapton. This coils can provide large smoke and better flavor.

Wraps of fused Clapton is 5, ohm is 0.4.

7. Flat Clapton Twisted Coil

The shape of Flat Clapton twisted will appear diamond-shaped visual effects which is really beautiful.

Wraps of this vape coil is 6, ohm is 0.3, double coil heads can performance very well for your flavor.

8、Flat Clapton Coil

Double coil head’s ohm is 0.14, a huge heat.

The flat Clapton coil is welcomed on the market. Since the wrapped of this coil is 32GA, the flavor become very good.