Your Alien Clapton Coil with High Power Vape Mods

How long have you ever used high power mods for vaping?

Today we will try to use high watts with our Alien Clapton Coil for the test.

This coil wrapped 32GA with 26GA *2 kernel.

The mod is hotfire R150 and the RDA is BF 99.

R150 moderate power range, 150W maximum power in the host is also more common, representative. Select BF99 drip atomizer because the electrode column structure is rather special, without the need to carefully adjust the shape of the coil in the home, more suitable for this length of the finished fancy coil. The choice of Alien Clapton Coil is due to the flattening of the coil core, which is lower than regular Clapton resistors and has a larger heating area and is more suitable for high power applications.

Take a coil head, find the middle partof it, make sure the length of both sides are roughly equl. Use a wire cutter to cut it from the middle. Do not straighten the bending part of the fold.

Insert a section of the vape coil, please note that the curvatures just underneath are exactly below the edge of the coil. This will avoid leaving the tail length is too long, make the coil length is not enogh. I use 3mm diameter arount the wire rod, you can increase the volume of cotton inside the coil to increase the volume of e juice, improve the e juice heating rate.

Follow the texture of the heating wire around the semi-circle around the wire rod, and then wrapped around the wire cap screwed off the cap after a take-off, the use of hand-wound manner. This is done because the first coil of the coil can be wound around the coil more closely and the second coil can be more troublesome, so the first coil can be wound by hand after it has been wound up, Tighten, but this way instead of more suitable than the wire around the novice operation. Do not be impatient throughout the winding process, to a circle next to the circle around, if not tight can be used to tighten the pliers, slower success rate will be higher, the coil more regular, should not hurry.

The initial shape can be used needle-nosed pliers to step up the ends of the coil, and then hand, tweezers, pliers and other tools to adjust the pin. If you use 3,4-column drip atomizer, but also need to adjust into the coil.

After the initial adjustment of the coil can be installed, with the coil around the bar to be fixed to prevent coil deformation. BF99 drip atomizer to pay attention to the back of the electrode through the wire hole, cut off after the pin does not exceed the electrode column to avoid covering the cover and the contact with the wire after the short circuit. If the wire is still longer after it is cut, use a flat-blade screwdriver to press the wire into the slot. This process should be careful not to hurt the fingers.

BF99 drip atomizer due to structural problems, the installation of the second coil will be more troublesome, the first coil will interfere with the installation of the second coil. At this time the coil can be erected, the first one through the end of the wire through the wire hole, as far as the coil close to the electrode column, and then to the foot of the axis, rotated 90 degrees and then put the other side of the foot into the wire Silk hole, this operation is easier to install some.

After fixing the two coils, pay attention to the height of the coil and the spacing between the two coils to avoid the short circuit caused by the contact between the coils. Wire can be wound around the coil, adjust the height up and down, the middle of the pitch will become larger.

After the adjustment can be energized to light the coil, adjust the two coils heat synchronization, uniform. Here to be careful not to use too high power, lower power can extend the coil completely heat the time, but will allow users to more easily see the coil heating process, to find uneven parts to be adjusted. If the direct use of high-power output, the coil quickly lit, if the internal uneven place is not easy to find.

On the left side of the figure just started the effect of electricity, the right side to adjust the effect of uniform. Adjust the steps are generally the first to use low-power points more than the power supply (be careful not to be too fast, many hosts press the power button 5 times will be shut down) first let the whole coil red after the use of forceps or needle nose pliers to clamp the coil Adjust. Note that only the use of ceramic tweezers can be energized on the coil operation, the remaining metal tools will be conductive, the coil is prohibited in the case of power adjustment, you must power off before operation.

After the coil is evenly adjusted, it will light first and then diffuse to both sides. There is no special dark or bright part in the middle. The coil can be adjusted so that the cotton can be worn.

Adjust the resistance of 0.12Ω, the use of 100W power output, real-time output voltage is just about 3.7v, if set to R150 the maximum power of 150W, the output voltage is exactly 4.2V, equivalent to full mechanical power pole when the natural output voltage .

Get cotton wick to join the tobacco oil, the coil in the 100W power outbreak reaction is relatively rapid.

The measured amount of smoke under 100W, than the same amount of ordinary coil coil resistance larger, the concentration should be higher. Many new friends for the "smoke volume" and "smoke concentration" concept is not clear, that the smoke volume and smoke concentration is not the same thing? In actual fact, the smoke is not necessarily high concentration, although some nebulizer smoke volume, but spit out the smoke is relatively light, and some oil-based mouth-type atomizer inhaled spit out of the smoke although there is no drip Large, but the concentration of smoke is very high, interested friends can actually experience the comparison, the smoke concentration and intake, are associated with inhalation time.

The actual experience, Alien Clapton Coil double hair in the 100w power, 3.7v output case of smoke larger than the average coil, thicker, the taste should be more rich. As the structure of the fan-shaped heating wire structure than the average complexity of the coil, so to avoid the ordinary coil low-resistance high-power "seconds paste", it is difficult to inhale a long time phenomenon. However, in accordance with the 4.2V voltage output, the corresponding is 150W power, the temperature of the smoke is too hot, can not inhale for a long time, so when using electronic cigarette to try different output power, some "so-called standard" are used for reference The real use of yourself, as long as you feel suitable for their own, then it is correct.

Like the output voltage, it is usually between 3.7-4.5V for reference, but if you feel the right fit, even if the buck down to 3V or even below the use of 3V is no problem. Data is dead, people are living, can be used for reference at the beginning, until the skilled, have their own unique understanding of e-cigarettes, there is no need to be bound by some rules and regulations, the best for their own. Of course, some safety-related rules still have to be observed, safety is always ranked first.